Ghosts of Saltmarsh+

GHOSTS OF SALTMARSH+ is a face-to-face D&D 5e Campaign (that moved to remote game in the face of a global pandemic, but returned to in-person post-vax) based in part on the Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventure path. Game sessions are played every 3 to 5 weeks. It is currently on hiatus.

PRIMORDIAL EVIL is a face-to-face D&D 5e Campaign set in the same setting, but with different characters and in a different part of Makrinos. Game Sessions are played once a month.

This wiki is used to keep track of both in-game and out-of-game logistics.

Upcoming Sessions

  • Session #11 - "Janx's Jinx" [Sunday, January 7, 1 pm]

Recent Sessions

  • Session #6 - "Mounds of the Dead" [Wednesday, Aug 16, 7:30 pm] - Remote
  • Session #7 - "Post-Mortem" [Friday, Sept 15, 7:30 pm]
  • Session #8 - "Off to See the Wizard" [Friday, Oct 20, 7:30 pm]
  • Session #9 - "Let Slip the Hounds of Hell!" [Tuesday, Nov 14, 7:30 pm]
  • Session #10 - "Regrouping" [Saturday, Dec 2, Noon]

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